Workbook Series Design
We started by designing the workbooks to go with her signature program. The client wanted to develop the workbooks while teaching live classes, so we got right to work. This approach allowed me to get a feel for the program's content before designing the logo, which gave me more insight into what made her brand unique.
The client had both text and some watercolor spot art that she wanted to use in the books. I created cover designs, layouts, and a library of hand-painted watercolor graphic elements (page frames, separators, lines, backgrounds) to enhance those graphics and create a unique look and feel.

These were delivered as both printable and fillable PDFs. Over the years, we evolved this into an app and converted these into digital assets.
Handpainted watercolor elements
Logo and Brand Identity Design
When it came time to run her program a second time, it was time to design her brand. She filled in my brand design questionnaire and we talked a bit more about her ideal clients. Then, I hand-sketched some ideas, presented 6 initial ideas and then refined the chosen option.
Personalized Journal Covers
As the project evolved, she wanted to add in more covers for clients' final journals. I went back to the These were some of the designs created for this use.
Website Design (Wordpress, Divi)

Designed a company website and sales pages for her program.
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